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Retired FBI agent has new theory about who betrayed Anne Frankas family to Nazis

Vincent Pankoke ID'd Jewish Council member Arnold van den Bergh as most likely culprit.

What happens if a space elevator breaks

You donat want to be under one if the cable snaps.

Study: Leidenfrost effect occurs in all three water phases: Solid, liquid, and vapor

But there's a much higher threshold of 550Adeg C for levitation of an ice disk to occur.

Unvaccinated 5X more likely to get omicron than those boosted, CDC reports

Real-world data shows booster doses are standing up to omicron.

Two cannabinoids have opposing effects on SARS-CoV-2 in culture

In early tests, CBD inhibits the virus, but THC blocks this effect.

Machine to melt Moon rocks and derive metals may launch in 2024

"These are the kinds of things that America needs to do to remain a leader in space."

Researchers date the oldest known human skull at 233,000 years

Omo I is the oldest skull with clearly Homo sapiens features, including a chin.

Rocket Report: SpaceX lands rocket cargo funding, Virgin Galacticas stock crash

aEveryone is safe, and the team did an admirable job."

Physicists have created aeverlasting bubblesa

One gas bubble lasted for a whopping 465 days, a world record for this type of object.

The genetic engineering behind pig-to-human transplants

A paper on a transplant to a brain-dead recipient provides details on the donor.

COVID testing firm piled unprocessed swabs in trash bags, billed feds $113M

Many consumers never got results; others got results for tests they never took.

Missing mass? Not on our watchaDr. Paul Sutter explains dark matter

In the pilot episode of our new series Edge of Knowledge, we explore science!

Nocebo responses explain up to 76% of COVID vaccine side effects

Some vaccine side effects are very real, but many may be anxiety and misattribution.

Silicon-based qubits take a big leap forward

The race to scale quantum-computing hardware gains another option.

Radian announces plans to build one of the holy grails of spaceflight

"We all understand how difficult this is."

Study: Female dolphins have a working clitoris, so they probably enjoy sex

"Every time we looked at the vaginas, it was like this giant clitoris staring us in the face."

COVID-infected hamsters in pet shop trigger animal cull in Hong Kong

Keep your hamsters inside, and don't kiss them, authorities warn.

After six decades, Russia will build its final Proton rocket this year

Proton had reliability issues and could not compete with SpaceX's Falcon 9.

Over 100 different species made this 2,200-year-old shipwreck home, study finds

Ship's ram from First Punic War serves as "ecological memory" of 2 millennia of underwater life.

Pfizer and Moderna expect seasonal booster shots after omicron wave

Seasonal COVID boosters may be combined with flu shots in the future, Moderna says.

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DMV 'revisiting' its approach to regulating Tesla's public self-driving test

In light of videos showing self-driving Teslas attempting dangerous maneuvers, the California DMV is considering whether to require the company to conform to the same laws as other robot car makers.

Autonomous car developers lobby to defang safety data regulations

They collect user data for their own ends, but when it comes to allowing crash data to be used to improve safety, these companies push for less transparency.

Alarmed by Tesla's public self-driving test, state legislators demand answers from DMV

Until now, the DMV has taken a hands-off approach to Tesla's development of self-driving cars. State legislators say it's time for the agency to be more transparent.

Car crash deaths have surged during COVID-19 pandemic. Here's why

Evidence suggests the pandemic has made U.S. drivers more reckless a more likely to speed, drink or use drugs and to leave their seatbelts unbuckled.

High gas prices are hitting heavy-duty pickup owners hard. Here's what they're saying

Sales of ever-larger pickup trucks have been keeping the U.S. auto industry flush in recent years. Now gas that can top $6 per gallon is changing the math around owning one.

Column: There may be a steep privacy cost if you park at this Trader Joe's

Visitors to the Trader Joe's in Hollywood are being instructed to download a parking app to their phones. Doing so will reveal a lot about you.

Tesla's handling of braking bug in public self-driving test raises alarms

Tesla self-driving 'test' cars were slamming on brakes for no reason. So Tesla temporarily deactivated emergency auto-braking without telling drivers.

El Segundo semiconductor maker goes public in billion-dollar deal amid chip shortage

For faster charging and more efficient use of energy, Navitas thinks gallium nitride beats silicon.

Column: Hertz refused to let facts get in the way of an unwarranted late fee

An L.A. man can prove he was on a plane awaiting takeoff when Hertz says he returned his rental car. Nevertheless, Hertz imposed a late fee.

Tesla to move headquarters to Texas from Palo Alto

Disenchanted with California's political environment, Elon Musk said Tesla will relocate its corporate offices to Austin but will continue to expand in California as well.

A Tesla mystery: Why didn't auto-braking stop these crashes?

While regulators investigate a spate of Teslas steering themselves into parked vehicles, Tesla owners have been reporting faulty collision-avoidance systems.

Column: Heads up, California drivers: Your insurer may owe you even more in pandemic refunds

California's insurance commissioner says Allstate, Mercury and CSAA continue to shortchange policyholders on pandemic refunds.

Column: Consumers are receiving billions of car-warranty calls. Ignore them

You've probably received calls that your car warranty is expiring or has expired. They're almost never from dealers or manufacturers.

Meet overlanding, the love child of off-roading and #vanlife

Eager to escape claustrophobic pandemic life and take advantage of newly remote jobs, increasing numbers of Americans are taking to remote places in rugged vehicles that are also homes.

'A very big deal': Federal safety regulator takes aim at Tesla Autopilot

Recent moves by the top U.S. automotive safety watchdog could change the way Tesla markets its cars' advanced driver-assist capabilities -- or force the company to recall the software altogether.

Op-Ed: People of color are dying from traffic violence at a much higher rate. Here's why

There is an epidemic of dying while walking, and it affects people of color and poor people disproportionately

Los Angeles is about to get its first robotaxi test fleet

Driverless car technology company Motional will be putting autonomous Hyundai Ioniq 5 EVs on the road around L.A. as it looks to the city for engineering talent.

Elon Musk claims Tesla will debut a humanoid robot next year

The 'Tesla Bot' will be capable of performing various human tasks, Musk claimed. But he has a history of touting innovations that proved to be vaporware.

Why do Tesla cars keep crashing into emergency response vehicles? Federal safety agency is investigating

The top federal traffic safety regulator says Tesla's partially automated driving system, Autopilot, failed to spot parked police cars and fire trucks. It wants to know why.

The custom auto shop behind Hollywood's most iconic cars may be closing

It made the Batmobile and Tom Wolfe's Kandy-Kolored Streamline Baby. But with its North Hollywood studio on the block, Barris Kustom Industries, the soul of Southern California car culture, may be riding into the sunset.

Review: A deep new history of Tesla takes the shine off Elon Musk

The polarizing founder shows up a lot in 'Power Play,' Tim Higgins' Tesla history a but usually in the role of a dramatic foil who will be overtaken.

Nikola founder Milton charged with misleading investors

Trevor Milton, founder of electric car startup Nikola, is accused of misleading investors about products and technology, according to an indictment.

Good luck getting a state rebate on your new electric car

California's electric car rebate program is designed to steer consumers toward clean, environmentally friendly vehicles. Unfortunately for buyers, it's confusing, unpredictable and underfunded.

Traffic is terrible again. Here's how to get it closer to spring 2020 levels

Traffic has long been a headache in Southern California a but there are ways to cut down on the congestion.

Could the 'Pittsburgh left' help Argo AI win the self-driving car race?

Learning to predict local traffic quirks is a challenge for companies looking to develop safe self-driving cars. To speed the process, Argo AI is testing its robotaxis in a half-dozen cities at once.

Column: She found a used condom in her rental car. Hertz hit her with a cleaning fee

A woman told Hertz she found a used condom in a rental car. Then Hertz billed her for dog hair, even though she didn't have a dog in the vehicle.

Are self-driving cars safe? Highway regulator orders industry to cough up the data

The federal government hasn't required automakers to provide data on crashes involving cars with automated-driving systems. That's changing.

Column: He hasn't smoked in decades. But Hertz is hitting him with a $400 smoking fee

A Highland Park man, who says he hasn't smoked for 25 years, was told by Hertz to pay a $400 fee after workers claimed they smelled cigarettes.

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Should Vaccine-Resistant Workers Who Leave Their Jobs Receive Unemployment?

Some Republican-led states are taking steps to provide unemployment compensation for workers who refuse COVID-19 vaccinations. Learn more at FindLaw.

What Immigration-Related Questions Can You Ask a Job Candidate?

Who can and can't legally work in the U.S. isn't as clear-cut as you might think. FindLaw breaks down how to navigate this complex issue.

Can a Small Business Invest in Stocks?

When you own a small business, it's all about income. A classic shop or store may have profits from sales or service. A startup may have venture capital money coming in. In either case, you might need to get a little more creative with your revenue streams. Individuals and investment funds can make money off the stock market, so why not your small business? But before you start day trading with company funds, here's what you need to know about your small business investing in stocks.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Form a Nonprofit?

Find out whether you really need an attorney to help you form a nonprofit on FindLaw's Do I Need a Lawyer to Form a Nonprofit?

EEOC: Businesses May Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations

COVID-19 vaccinations could be a requirement for many returning to work.

What to Do When Employees Do Not Want to Return to Work

This blog post looks at what employers can do if they have employees who don't want to return to work after COVID-19.

Safety Measures Small Businesses Should Keep in Mind When Reopening

Among the uncertainties small businesses face in reopening from coronavirus shutdown: How to keep everyone safe.

Should Businesses Be Protected From COVID-19 Lawsuits When They Reopen?

How much protection from liability should businesses have when they reopen following COVID-19 lockdowns?

Can a Small Business Owner File for Unemployment?

We hear all the time about unemployment benefits for laid-off workers. But what about unemployment benefits for business owners? If you owned an unlucky small business (or you owned a business during an unlucky time such as the COVID-19 outbreak), are you out of luck when it comes to unemployment? In normal times, you would only be eligible for unemployment benefits if your small business 1) paid you a regular salary, and 2) paid unemployment taxes on your salary.

How Influential Are Social Media Influencers?

Social media influencers are influencing consumer behavior, but some bad actors are drawing FTC attention.

Elliott: Kings' Aisha Visram proud to make NHL history and hopes more women will follow

Aisha Visram unknowingly became the first woman to stand behind the Kings' bench and the second to have worked as an athletic trainer in an NHL game.

Former Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin joins the Kings' front office

Former Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin is joining the Kings as a senior advisor to GM Rob Blake.

Hilary Knight among 23 players named to U.S. women's Olympic hockey team

Hilary Knight is set to play in her fourth Winter Olympics as part of a U.S. women's hockey team looking to defend its gold-medal win in Beijing.

NHL Roundtable: As '21 expires, Ducks are hot, Kings not; where they're headed in '22

In their latest NHL roundtable, Times staffers size up where the Kings and Ducks are at and where they're headed in 2022 amid the COVID outbreak.

Elliott: Decade after paralyzing accident, Jack Jablonski confident he will walk again

It has been nearly 10 years since Jack Jablonski was paralyzed during a high school hockey game, but his spirit for life remains unbroken.

Kings' top 10 Staples Center moments as era set to begin

As the Arena begins, here's a look back at the Kings' 10 greatest moments at the venue when it was known as Staples Center.

NHL players will not compete in Beijing Olympics amid COVID surge

The NHL withdraws from the Beijing Winter Olympics with its regular-season schedule disrupted by coronavirus outbreaks.

NHL halts all cross-border travel for games because of COVID-19

NHL games involving travel between teams based in the U.S. and Canada will be postponed, including the Kings vs. Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday.

Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Jonathan Quick lead Kings to victory over Panthers

Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown each scored and Jonathan Quick had 41 saves in the Kings' 4-1 win over the Florida Panthers.

Kings fall to Lightning in overtime

Mathieu Joseph scored with 1:35 left in overtime to give the Tampa Bay Lightning a 3-2 win over the Kings.

NHL roundtable: Ducks rolling behind goal of the year? Another lost year for Kings?

With the NHL season now in December, the Ducks and Kings appear to be on different paths. The Times' hockey crew discusses in the latest roundtable.

Elliott: Hockey journey for Stars' Jason Robertson finally leads back to Staples Center

Dallas' Jason Robertson will play his first game at Staples Center, where he often went as a youth. He's the third player of Filipino heritage in NHL history.

Elliott: Ducks-Kings is still hockey at its most entertaining, if not yet its most skillful

The intensity of play and sprinkling of skill the Ducks and Kings showed Tuesday night represented progress for both teams, which they appreciate.

Kings' Brendan Lemieux suspended five games for biting opponent's hand

Kings forward Brendan Lemieux has drawn a five-game suspension without pay for biting the hand of Ottawa's Brady Tkachuk during a fight on Saturday.

Elliott: 'You can be who you are.' Ducks organist Lindsay Imber shares her transition journey

Ducks organist Lindsay Imber hopes coming out as transgender and bisexual helps young people understand they can be themselves and work in sports.

Elliott: It will always be Staples Center, the house Kobe and other stars helped immortalize

The new Arena will struggle to eclipse Staples Center because of the memorable moments and iconic games the community has shared there.

Elliott: 'We trust each other.' The Kings hope unity helps them extend a surprisingly hot start

The Kings' recent winning streak has shown that the team has been renewed with vigor after a slow start to the season, writes columnist Helene Elliott.

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